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Baby Names and other things

Baby Names and other things

Baby Names and other things

How Is A Scottish Boy’s Naming Ceremony Done In Scotland

Posted by Phil on January 3 2016, 12:25pm

Categories: #baby names

In Scotland, the new parents officially announce their Scottish boys name in a naming ceremony. This is a grand way of welcoming the new born into the world. The naming ceremony is now increasing in popularity to christening and baptism. The naming ceremony lets the family celebrate the birth of a new child. It is also done to welcome an adoptive child.

The Scottish baby boy name is declared during this ceremony. However the rituals and the proceedings of the function are unique to each family. Some may choose to make the gathering very formal whereas others make it a very informal evening for their guests. There can be poetry, music and songs to personalise and make the event more active. The siblings as well as the other family members play an equally important role in this function.

The parents announce the name in front of a huge gathering

The new parents use the stage to welcome the little one into the family. They then announce the Scottish boys name to the whole gathering. This is followed by wishes and blessings which are bestowed on the new baby. There are promises and commitments made and the godparent of the child is also declared. There are gifts showered on the new born,

The family may decide to host the event as per their budget. They may wish to book a big banquet hall in a posh hotel in the city or do it in their own homes. They may want to include a lot of religious aspects into the ceremony or make it a simple gathering. Thus the family is completely at liberty to rejoice and name their Scottish boy in their own way.

Do not forget to get the birth registered

However one should keep a note of the legal procedure of the country. Just a naming ceremony is not counted as a legal process. The parents need to register the birth of the Scottish baby boy’s name within 21 days in Scotland at the Registrar’s Office

Hire an event manager to organise the function for you

There are a number of professional event managers who can help you with the Scottish boys naming ceremony. They have a complete day package and you can choose one as per your budget. They have tie ups with a number of hotels. The whole function is traditionally carried out and there is a wide spread of buffet for the guests.

The ceremony also includes the parents promise followed by poetry or a reading. You may even ask for it to be personalised by including a message book or a memory box for your child to cherish for a lifetime. You could get in touch with the event organisers on email and also tailor make their package as per your needs.

Choose the event planner after doing your homework thoroughly

There are a number of event planners who will promise to give you the best and the most lucrative deal for your baby’s naming ceremony. However before you start, you should do some homework yourself

Plan your budget and stick to it. Do not get carried away by the offers and then end up spending more than you can afford. Be clear of the ceremonies that you would want to be included. If you are not a very religious person you may want to skip the rituals and custom make the function as per your needs.

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